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Can't connect wifi
Last Updated 3 years ago

- ensure router is active

Case 1) the footswitch do not connect your WiFi

- check SSID (name of the WiFi) and password

- ensure the SSID do not contains special character (like space, *, ; % ! ...) and is less then 20 characters

- if you use WPS feature, ensure that:

  - the SSID of the WiFI is not hidden

  - you have read the router user manuel which explains how to activate WPS

  - sometime you have to push WPS button between 1 and 3 second to get it activated, usually a led will blink in the router

Case 2) your computer cannot connect the footswitch WiFi

- disconnect any previous WiFi and locate the one named "myfoot" (or the name you gave to the foot in a previous configuration)

- do not wait windows to confirm connection, instead; the footswitch screen should display a green indicator that the computer is connected to the WiFi

- then open and change WiFi setting

In all case it is advise to restart your equipment

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